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The Thyroid Role in Constipation and Weight Gain

Apr 20 2018
The Thyroid Role in Constipation and Weight Gain

Why the Thyroid Plays a Big Role in Constipation and Weight gain.

It's the body's duty of care to eliminate rubbish on a daily basis. All for good health. Visualise this for a moment. Most of us take our rubbish out on a regular basis to dispose of where the bin collection truck can come by and collect on a weekly basis. For a moment, imagine that we do not take garbage out nor the truck comes?? Within a short while bad bacteria starts breaking down and then attracts all unwanted sorts like flies (smell), maggots, cockroaches,  soon it gets pretty disgusting etc. In a first world country this is considered appalling!

Well our gut is a little like that. It's a manual disposable unit built for the purpose of taking rubbish out of the body on a daily basis. If that's working well it keeps the organs working efficiently, oxygen gets dispersed, germs destroyed, hormones maintained and immune system is strong to fight viruses and cancer.

Gut Bacteria

Much of this is achieved by a diverse garden in our gut, a variety of bacteria that are the good guys rather like a maintenance team working away to provide nutrients and ingredients to cells constantly. And they want to be in prime condition to create energy.

This diverse garden also has minor amount of bad bacteria (weeds) which is mostly kept in check and is useful to feed off. When that environment changes for the worse then these weeds get out of control, and their mission to make life miserable by destroying all that is good.

Each one of us has our own personalised bacterial tribe in the garden of our gut

Each person's microorganism tribe is like a finger print. It's unique to our inner being.

If the garden is in harmony our minds, moods (happy hormone starts here) and wellbeing, good health and weight is in its rightful place.

If it not in harmony, gas, pain, bloating, constipation, haemorrhoids, weight gain, colitis, diarrhoea. Now the weeds take over and disconnect the system!

Our brain and gut are constantly communicating. So it also disconnects the mind and body. And it's rampant!

Indeed brain chemicals rely on this depot so chemicals can be made so we feel good (wellbeing)

The gut carries approximately 2 kilos of microorganisms (ideally).
Imbalanced gut it can produce up to 3/5 kilos extra of incorrect bacteria! This causes overgrowth and weeds take over intoxicating the rest of the body and fogging the brain.

Slow bowels will create layer upon layer and cause intestines to widen in order to carry the extra load. The bacterial gas given off affects our energy and our moods. And we get tired.
Then we get cravings, organs have to over work and it even messes with our hormones.
All these can lead to polyps (prelude to cancer), diverticulitis, anything to do with bowels that's awful and harmful and very ageing.

Muscles line the large intestine and the small intestine. Do you realise that the thyroid engine is responsible for the movement of intestinal muscles to push the rubbish out? Without thyroid hormones not much can happen except that the bowel slows and accumulates more rubbish and debris (like the bins). This can also impair blood sugar so we eat more (cravings), poop less! And bad bacteria party on!


  • All medication including steroids
  • Depovera
  • Birth control pill
  • Thyroxine
  • Antibiotics (even used in our foods for faster rate of growth) chicken and meat
  • Supermarket processed foods-chemicals and additives
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Junk food - bad food choices
  • Stress
  • Pesticides on vegetables
  • Household chemicals
  • Yo yo dieting