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Why Blood tests are not always accurate

Blood Tests are misdiagnosed, mismanaged or missed altogether!!

Dr. Brownstein
  • Blood tests measure outside of the cell not the inside
  • TSH is the only focus-this is not a true picture
  • Doctors and Labs cannot agree on limits
  • Limits are far too high
  • Adrenal testing should be done through saliva 3x in a day for most accuracy
  • A thyroid panel should always be recommended-Tsh, T3, T4, thyroid antibodies
  • Past history, blood test, physical exam, basal body temperature should be standard

Overcoming Thyroid Disorders

Forty per cent of American people are suffering needlessly and many are dying for lack of an ingredient vital for health. Is the ingredient unknown? No. Or unavailable? No. For years, medicine has recognised the role of deficiency in some areas of health and disease and has had clues to its great importance. But the knowledge too often has not been used-and is still not being used-because of the unreliability of laboratory test. They have failed to show the deficiency even when doctors could see the manifestations clearly enough in patients before them. And while lab test have erred and misled both doctors and patients, patients have suffered for years.

Dr. Broda Barnes Researcher pioneer of Endocrine disorders

Thyroflex Testing


Instant and non-invasive this test measures inside of the thyroid hormone in 5 mins. It also tests if your medication is working for you. Takes 5 mins to find out how many calories you are burning (resting metabolic rate), and the time it takes to reach brain neurons.

It's a simple procedure of putting a sensor on your hand and then a hammer pen flicks onto the arm, and the response is then measure.

It also monitors dessicated thyroid dosages (a more natural alternative to thyroid meds). Also provided is a hormonal core questionnaire which helps track where the problem is emerging from.

Dr. Daryl Turner and his partner designed and tested program - giving accurate results!


You can do a basic basal temperature chart for five days - download from site.

Always request your blood tests and keep a portfolio.

Thyroid disorders are 85% genetic, so insist that its family related.

Past history, blood test, physical exam, basal body temperature should be standard.

Do not be scared of swellings around the neck or nodules! Get them scanned before biopsy or radioactive substances are used. Usually (not always) they are blatant signs of deficiency!