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Hello my name is Anita Montersino. I would love to share my story with you!

My entire life has been ruled and dictated by this by this beautiful and unknown treasure called the thyroid. This as it turns out it is the engine room of the whole body! I was born into chronic disease since childhood ranging from chronic respiratory disease, many skin issues, painful digestion, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalances, depression and that's just naming a few.

"I wondered what it was like to not to be tired all the time."

For me it was a beginning of a journey even as a child (I had learning difficulties) I wondered what it was like to not to be tired all the time. It seemed every time I went to the doctor it was like being in Alice in Wonderland never knowing whether I would be hospital again or something removed!! This also taught me that the cure can be worse than the disease!

As it turned out my interest in health lead me to study more and more about disease plus I was really concerned about the future of my children's health. I became a health seeker and qualified as a Naturopathic physician in 1985. I overcame many disorders myself which gave me confidence in healing powers of the body. My adversity lead to study many other modalities and meet mentors in my travels here and overseas.

"Hormones were a nightmare and often a Jekyll and Hyde experience."

As much as I was getting better all the time, I sensed I was still not quite there or as good as I could be. Energy was better, I still struggled with fatigue although it was more tolerable. Depression I kept at bay using Maca. Hormones were a nightmare and often a Jekyll and Hyde experience. Even though menopause was tough I thought all this may calm down soon.

How wrong this was!!! In the year 2010 I returned from living in Sweden. My life was an absolute upheaval with stress. So much so I could not stand up as my blood pressure dropped so low. Palpitations and rapid heartbeat which was common for me increased severely. I got puffed going to the letterbox. Doctors tried to put me on beta-blockers which I refused. They said I would die from an enlarged heart. I slept 14 hour days and still needed more sleep. And I was gaining fluid daily. Every day I sat and wept not knowing what was to become of me. Then the opposite happened. I Doctor shopped, no one listened. I lost weight rapidly, got manic, obsessive and quite paranoia. I could not leave the house without anxiety. I lost my way home many times. I was quite convinced I would die! Simple things overwhelmed and I was very frightened all the time. I knew this was not really me! Specialists were actually at a loss of how to deal with me. If I mentioned or questioned I got into serious trouble. If I asked for other choices they showed me the door.

"One day in my inbox there was an advertisement about a thyroflex machine (science based measure of thyroid, neurons and metabolism) and the name of the Doctor who designed it."

One day in my inbox there was an advertisement about a thyroflex machine (science based measure of thyroid, neurons and metabolism) and the name of the Doctor who designed it. This seemed my only hope. Dr Turner was over from the States and mentioned he was on the Gold Coast. In 2013 He came to my house. Sure enough he diagnosed not only hypothyroidism entering into hyperthyroidism, but Graves and Hashimotos as well. I found out necessary tests and discovered I had thyroiditis, thyrotoxicosis, goitre and several nodules. I also discovered that sometimes blood tests are not accurate so I studied pathology as the ranges in Australia are far too broad. It's the elephant in the room.

"My brain had been damaged by inflammation and was on the verge of developing Alzheimer's."

I read many many books over and over again. My brain had been damaged by inflammation and was on the verge of developing Alzheimer's. I had to find a way to overcome this. I discovered Dr. Brownstein books and methods and used his protocol which placed on the path to recovery. I am in gratitude to both these men, I owe them my life.

It took me a year to stabilise. I learnt about importance of unrefined salt, iodine therapy and desiccated thyroid. I realised how little knowledge is really out there. My life is where it should be now. I wake with gratitude daily, sleeping well and happier by the day. My turn to share what I learnt. And brain is getting better all the time. I love working with Graves and Hashimotos patients, and adrenal disorders, I can offer hope through my own experiences. I can finally integrate all things I learnt to help others. To think all my life this has been going on and finally finding the answers is awesome. Better late than never! My frustration with mismanagement, misdiagnosis or missed altogether has been my victory. I have the greatest respect for my thyroid. I also learnt that this can be source of many diseases and science is coming out research affecting Cardiovascular, mental health, breast cancer, obesity and diabetes. Is anybody listening? The evidence is out there for open eyes.

There is an epidemic here in Australia.

There is an epidemic here in Australia. Its quoted 40% affected, more likely 80% and its going to get worse. Just look at the fertility clinics flourishing. How many woman are experiencing strange symptoms behind closed doors? Very sad. Or bad menopause when this can be prevented. Or young girls having terrible bleeding problems? Even men are getting affected by imbalanced hormones.

The mission here is spreading awareness and educating ourselves to help others.

The medical system needs to change their approach to testing and awareness of a silent epidemic.

The thyroid is responsible for everything in the human body from heart, hair and nails, immune system, energy, the brain, our moods. It is indeed the engine room of our whole being.

I also have the privilege of working with Dr. Noemi a hormonal specialist form the States for clients who are interested in different options for treatment. I acknowledge her for helping me with my health.

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